Worth To Visit: Kondang Merak Beach

By Fery Arifian - 7/07/2017

Worth To Visit: Sunset Kondang Merak Beach
(photo by Deby Aulia)
Malang is one of amazing place for holiday. In this city, beside the culture and the city, it has a lot of beautiful beaches await to visited. Malang has a lot of beaches with many names that local people called it differently. And, one of them is Kondang Merak Beach.

Kondang Merak that means Peacock's Pond, the name of this beach is named by local people. Because a long time ago, there is a pond that close with estuary and it was favourite place for peacock to eating. But nowadays, Peacock is rarely to see and almost extinct because of illegal hunting.

When The Sun Coming Down
This beach is located approximately 60 km or 38 miles from the downtown. And we can go here by a motorcycle or tracking car. We know that Kondang Merak is not as famous as Balekambang Beach. Because of the unstable road that make visitor must survive with rocky road 4 km before the beach.

I've been here twice and for the second time here I want to stay for a night. I want to see the sunset from this beach. And if you want to see the sunset, you can set up the tent here. Or you can stay in a small home-stay by local people. But, I think camping is more fun than stay at home-stay.
It's a right place for took some beautiful moment
And it was my lucky day. For my second time here, the weather was so clear and nice. So I could take some landscape photos and saw the sun coming down. This was the most beatiful moment when we decided to visit any kind of beaches around Malang.

BONUS: You'll found milky way here
If you want to spend your holiday time in Malang, you must visit Kondang Merak Beach and have a great camp fire here.

Ps: better comes here with local tour guide service

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